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The Okuniewicz portfolio encompasses a variety of gaming related coverage areas including:  Secure interfaces that allow the changing of gaming device audio, video and printer outputs while eliminating regulatory requirements for retesting the gaming device; delivering digital awards from a slot machine or player tracking system; generating an entry to a promotional drawing or a state lottery; ticketed bonusing and more. 

The Okuniewicz portfolio is well positioned in several key gaming markets.  The patents hold great promise for industry practitioners as well as non-practicing entities/patent assertion entities and presently generates recurring licensing revenue.

AIM Management, Inc. is the assignee for the Okuniewicz patents.


control slot outputs

Drive new content like advertisements and bonusing routines through a slot machine's video and audio outputs without the need to retest the gaming device regardless of how often modifications are made.

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electronic awards

Gaming devices that award digital files in addition to, or instead of, money and credits.  Claims covering electronic delivery of a digital award like a song, movie or app. 

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lottery via slots

Slot machines that deliver an entry to a drawing.  The patents include claims covering gaming devices that provide Powerball® entries or entries to in-house drawings, for example.

Controlling Slot Machine Outputs With A Secondary System


The Okuniewicz patents include a large number of claims covering a secondary system that intercepts tested and approved slot machine output device content before it is output through the gaming device.  The secondary system then determines whether to output the original tested content or alternative content like advertising or bonus games, or a combination of tested and untested content, etc.  While a slot machine's outputs are heavily regulated, the secondary system's outputs are not because of the way the secondary system communicates with the slot machine using various types of industry specific, secure interface devices and methods.

Potential Infringement

Bally and IGT alone combine for roughly $400 million per year in gaming device system sales.  An essential feature of these systems is the ability to communicate with a player through a highly regulated gaming device's audio and visual equipment, such as with picture-in-picture (PIP) styled methods, all without impacting the underlying game.    

Claim Charts

Claim charts without redaction are available for potentially infringing products with a signed non-disclosure agreement.  Contact us for more information.


Slot Machine Bonusing & Player Tracking Systems That Deliver Digitized Awards


The Okuniewicz patents contain multiple claims that cover paying a slot machine player with digitized awards including music or movie files such as those offered by content providers like iTunes®, and codes for downloads, ring tones, video games, and bonus slot machine game content.  Deliver the awards wirelessly from the slot machine or slot system directly to a player's smart phone, for example, or deliver the award via email or text.

Potential Infringement

Although a digital award from a slot machine or player tracking system is a relatively new concept, there appear to be a number of products in the field that potentially infringe this group of claims.  However, it is also important to remain focused on the future and expect wide-spread adoption of electronic business-to-consumer (B2C) delivery of digital products such as programs, music, movies, ebooks, etc. in response to a player's activity in a casino environment.



Lottery Tickets As A Bonus Or Wide Area Progressive Top Award


The Okuniewicz patents include claims for players entering to drawings via a slot machine or player tracking/bonusing system including multi-state lotteries and promotional drawings. Players prefer slot machines with paytables that have a higher frequency of low and middle range hits in contrast with Wide Area Progressives that are forced to pay for their jackpots at the expense of a traditional player's reduced time-on-device.  Issuing lottery entries like PowerBall® or Mega Millions® through a slot machine that utilizes a popular paytable can increase time-on-device and player satisfaction while also offering second chance drawing opportunities that drive more return visits.

Potential Infringement

There appear to be a large number of products in the field that offer entries to drawings in response to gaming device activities.  Many of these products potentially infringe claims within this area of the Okuniewicz portfolio.  Additionally, when considering that the largest slot machine manufacturers have recently been purchased by global lottery companies (GTECH and Scientific Games), it is very likely that the industry will continue to experience more blending of lottery games and casino games in the future.


Printing And Dispensing Bonuses Unrelated To The Standard Slot Payout


The Okuniewicz patents include numerous claims in the slot machine ticketing field of art, including printing or dispensing bonuses, lottery tickets, scratch tickets, coupons, and promotional information.

Potential Infringement

The Okuniewicz portfolio includes many claims that potentially cover printed and dispensed bonuses, coupons, drawing entries and complimentaries like those commonly provided through the ubiquitous ticket-in ticket-out (TITO) systems connected to casino slot machines.



Wager And Generate An Outcome Where Legal And Then Play The Game Later


The result stays hidden until the player wants to reveal the outcome with her smart phone or computer via an application or website.  The Okuniewicz patents contain numerous claims in this space.  



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