Slot Machine Bonusing & Player Tracking Systems That Deliver Digitized Awards


The Okuniewicz patents contain multiple claims that cover paying a slot machine player with digitized awards including music or movie files such as those offered by content providers like iTunes®, and codes for downloads, ring tones, video games, and bonus slot machine game content.  Deliver the awards wirelessly from the slot machine or slot system directly to a player's smart phone, for example, or deliver the award via email or text.

Potential Infringement

Although a digital award from a slot machine or player tracking system is a relatively new concept, there appear to be a number of products in the field that potentially infringe this group of claims.  However, it is also important to remain focused on the future and expect wide-spread adoption of electronic business-to-consumer (B2C) delivery of digital products such as programs, music, movies, ebooks, etc. in response to a player's activity in a casino environment.