Controlling Slot Machine Outputs With A Secondary System


The Okuniewicz patents include a large number of claims covering a secondary system that intercepts tested and approved slot machine output device content before it is output through the gaming device.  The secondary system then determines whether to output the original tested content or alternative content like advertising or bonus games, or a combination of tested and untested content, etc.  While a slot machine's outputs are heavily regulated, the secondary system's outputs are not because of the way the secondary system communicates with the slot machine using various types of industry specific, secure interface devices and methods.

Potential Infringement

Bally and IGT alone combine for roughly $400 million per year in gaming device system sales.  An essential feature of these systems is the ability to communicate with a player through a highly regulated gaming device's audio and visual equipment, such as with picture-in-picture (PIP) styled methods, all without impacting the underlying game.    

Claim Charts

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